Kira is a document review platform, which uses advanced machine learning techniques and natural language processing to quickly process, highlight and extract key information from large volume of electronic documents, in order to overcome the limitation of the human’s attention span which might result in diminishing efficiency and give rise to inaccuracies. This tool allows users to spend more time on analysing and reviewing the results, and less time extracting the information. With artificial intelligence capability, Kira can learn, update and train itself based on a user's extractions and edits made while reviewing the results to improve the outcomes.

Tech leveraged OCR, Machine Learning, Analytics
Use case(s) Document reader and extraction tool including comparison tool
Benefit(s) • Conducts more consistent and effective reviews of documents
• Easily compares documents to a base template to summarise and identify variations across the population analysed.
• Identify potential risks, trends and anomalies.

Kira screenshot

Point of contact(s)
Mak, Wai Kit
Tag(s) Reader, Machine learning, Extractor, Innovation, Automation
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