In a world of increasing scarcity of resources and competition, it is crucial for every organisation to keep track of the cost and expenditure of running the business in a more systematic and effective approach. Spendcube is a solution that enables a deep dive into business expenditure data, allowing the stakeholders to better understand the company expenditure trend. This will help to align the spending with budget and business strategy, and ensure the sustainability of the business.

Tech leveraged Analytics
Use case(s) Spending pattern analysis
Benefit(s) • Provides detailed visibility into expenses from different angles, such as business unit, vendors, time periods and geographical locations.
• Assess correlation of relevant expenses against revenue or productivity, in order to identify waste in the business flow and optimise the utilisation of resources.

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Point of contact(s)
Mak, Wai KitTee, Chong Yu
Tag(s) Analytics, Spending, Innovation
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