TrueVoice is an AI-driven, voice analytics solution that analyses behaviour and emotion on every call, helping you quickly understand how customers feel. It monitors all customer interactions to highlight risks as well as opportunities for improving outcomes and reducing agent churn.

Tech leveraged • Artificial Intelligence
• Machine Learning
• AWS Quick Start
Use case(s) TrueVoice is a scalable Artificial Intelligence platform that empowers businesses to understand the behaviours and emotions on all customer calls.

Key features of TrueVoice are:
1) Behavioural & sentiment analysis
2) Speech transcription
3) Machine learning feedback loop
Benefit(s) Improve customer satisfaction
TrueVoice can help you predict potential complaints before they happen so that your call agents can be more proactive in resolving issues quickly. By benchmarking all contact centre interactions, you have the insights you need to promote consistent outcomes for all customers and reduce churn.

Support your call agents
Reward and learn from your highest performing call agents using the in-built quality score system. It helps to shape your training for call agents who need additional support through the use of best practice examples.

Reduce risk
By monitoring your customer interactions with TrueVoice, you enhance regulatory compliance and reduce risks, ensuring sufficient protection to even your most vulnerable customers.

Deliver efficiencies
TrueVoice delivers the insight you need to help optimise key call centre processes and lower operational costs, for example, it can help to identify which are your most efficient call agents and which agents are most regularly putting customers on hold.

Transform your customer experience
By helping your call agents to better understand your customers, you can empower them to deliver an enhanced customer experience.

Point of contact(s)
Justin Ong (Local Sponsoring Partner), Su Je Hui (Support)
Tag(s) Artificial intelligence, machine learning, behavioural analysis, sentiment analysis, speech transcription
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