Financial Services

With a vast network of industry experts, Deloitte's Financial Services sector stands at the forefront, strategically crafting invaluable perspectives to empower companies to excel in a dynamic landscape driven by financial intricacies and opportunities.

Sophisticated Threat Landscape

Financial institutions are prime targets for cyberattacks, having to deal with advanced and increased threats such as ransomware, phishing, and insider threats. Position a strong security front with our team of experts through cyber drills, maturity, risk, and compliance assessments to ensure the right security systems, architectures, policies, and procedures are in place while ensuring compliance with evolving regulatory requirements.

Data Breaches

Financial institutions store vast amounts of valuable customer data, making them prime targets for data breaches. Such breaches can result in identity theft, financial fraud, and severe reputational damage. Safeguard your organisation's data integrity and security by leveraging Deloitte's comprehensive risk and maturity assessments.

Regulatory Compliance

With stringent requirements such as GDPR, HIPAA, and industry-specific regulations, financial institutions must maintain strict compliance to mitigate potential penalties and legal repercussions. Stay abreast of evolving regulatory landscapes with our team of experts, offering comprehensive compliance assessments tailored to your organisation's needs.

Legacy Systems

Numerous financial institutions rely on legacy systems, which may harbor vulnerabilities and prove challenging to patch or update, rendering them appealing targets for cybercriminals. Our comprehensive risk assessment encompasses system hardwares, software setups, and tailored recommendations to enhance security measures and optimise cost savings.

Cloud Adoption

The adoption of cloud technology presents new security challenges, including data protection, access management, and security of cloud service providers. Our technology consulting services empower your organisation to effectively manage cloud environments while adhering to best practices in cloud management and security.

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