Mobility Share: Bridging the Gap of Vehicle Ownership

An on-demand vehicle sharing service based in residential and commercial properties

Mobility Share is a station-based on-demand vehicle sharing service which is exclusive to the members of a specific community (e.g. real-estate residents, hotels, resorts, office building)

Problem Statement

Vehicle ownership is shifting from private to sharing. The current free-floating car-sharing model suffers from high operation cost and low utilisation. A new mobility model needs to bridge the gap between current and future status 

Key Benefits

  • Customer: Close to ownership, enhanced experience
  • Operator: Reduced burden, enhanced utilisation
  • OEM: Extended test drive, product introduction
  • Real estate: Value-added service, reduced parking space

Key Features

Ready to deploy
End-to-end solution including user app, operation management system and hardware

Made for purpose
Customisable functions based on business model e.g. building / resident management, geo-fencing etc.

Fully connected
OEM grade telematics and locking solution enable for full control of fleet and digitised customer experience

Flexible ownership model
Accommodate different use cases such as hourly or daily rental, subscription and rent2buy

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