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Almost every business decision has tax implications. What makes this area even more complex is that tax rules are constantly changing. The compliance environment, in which tax rules are interpreted and implemented, is becoming increasingly demanding.

Companies face a daunting task to manage their tax costs and obligations effectively especially when they are dealing across borders. Practical and well-crafted tax solutions are critical parts of an effective business strategy. At Deloitte, our tax professionals keep you abreast of developments that affect your business and help you interpret their significance. We collaborate to identify and implement tax strategies that work best for your organisation and optimise group tax benefits, while ensuring you are fully compliant with applicable tax laws.

Deloitte’s unique value propositions stem from integrated service offerings in various functions with multiple tax service lines. The Deloitte Academy specialises in corporate business trainings designed for specific customer needs. The Academy’s corporate trainings are tailored to fit the firm’s specific needs in terms of industry topics, key business processes and terminology. Our specialists, many of whom are recognised for their tax expertise, will advise you on addressing challenges, as well as identifying and capitalising on opportunities.

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New TP & APA Rules and Voluntary Disclosure: A conversation with the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia
2 hours
6 July 2023
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