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Deloitte Tax Challenge 2022

1. How many individuals are involved in the Team category?

Each team must consist of four (4) full-time students who are enrolled in an undergraduate degree program from any university, university college, or college.

2. Am I allowed to join both categories?

Yes, Challengers are allowed to join both categories.

3. Is there any limit as to how many teams can represent a university/college?

There is no limit.

4. Are full time students doing a professional degree (e.g. ACCA, ICAEW, CPA, MICPA) eligible to register?

Yes, as long as the student is registered as a full-time student in a college, university college or university.

5. Most students in private universities pursue 3+0 accountancy programs, where they study foreign tax (not Malaysian tax) and may find it difficult to participate in the Deloitte Tax Challenge. Will the questions in the Challenge only cover Malaysian aspects?

The Deloitte Tax Challenge is open to all students who are pursuing full-time undergraduate programs. Though the questions are based on Malaysian tax laws, students who are studying foreign tax laws are also encouraged to join the competition, as the primary principles of tax are similar. You may want to start by going through past year questions to get a better idea.

6. I have just completed and passed my final year exams this year. My convocation is scheduled for the end of year. Can I still join the Deloitte Tax Challenge this year?

Yes. Participation is open to students pursuing undergraduate programs full-time. Final year students are encouraged to apply. Only Masters and PhD students are not eligible.

7. Are all the registered team members required to sit for the Assessment Stage online test?

No, each team is only required to assign ONE (1) team representative (team leader) to complete the online test in the Assessment Stage. Please complete the assessment using only one (1) compatible device. A desktop or laptop computer is recommended for the best performance.

8. I registered for the Challenge without taking/completing the online test in the Assessment Stage. Am I eligible to receive the certificate of participation?

E-certificate will be awarded to each Challenger upon completion of each stage. The stages are detailed below:
Assessment Stage – Registered and completed all 40 questions.
Semi-finals – Presented solution to the assigned case study via a pre-recorded video clip
Grand Finals – Submitted written assessment and presented the solution to the assigned case to the panel of judges.

9. Will there be a written assessment during the Semi-Final stage? Is a visual aid required during the Semi-Final stage?

No, there will be no written assessment for the Semi-Final stage and visual aid (PowerPoint slides) is also not required. Semi-finalists will only be required to present their solution to the questions via a video clip uploaded on YouTube.

10. According to the previous challenges, Challengers are required to gather in Deloitte Malaysia (nationwide office) for the Semi-finals stage and Grand Finals stage. Will Deloitte Tax Challenge 2022 be the same?

Yes, following the laxation of COVID-19 restrictions, DTC 2022 has transitioned into a hybrid event. Participants will be required to gather at Deloitte Malaysia Kuala Lumpur office for the Grand Finals stage, hence only fully vaccinated undergraduates are allowed to participate. However, for Semi-finals stage, participants are not required to physically gather, as only submission of a video presentation clip is required.

11. For the Team Category presentation, is it compulsory for all team members to present?

Yes, it is compulsory for all team members to present. However, there is no required minimum time for each team members’ presentation and it is entirely up to each team’s arrangements. Please note that the team’s arrangements may influence judging outcomes.

12. Will the simulated business challenge questions be provided online? Is the submission of report done via online?

Yes, the Grand Finals stage questions will be given during the breakout session by the relevant Deloitte Tax Challenge representatives invigilating the Grand Finals stage.

At the end of the two-hour breakout session, Challengers will be required to submit their reports and visual aids to their respective Deloitte Tax Challenge representatives. These will then be handed over to the panel of judges and finalists will be required to present their answers in front of the panel.

For more information regarding the challenge, please reach out to our Deloitte Student Ambassadors or email us at


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