Global tax compliance and reporting market research - insights and trends


Global tax compliance and reporting market research - insights and trends

Welcome to Deloitte’s recent market research survey into the tax compliance and reporting landscape, a comprehensive, independently conducted research study that surveyed a representative sample of the largest multinational businesses across the globe, encompassing structured interviews with over 250 global tax decision makers. This was conducted in 2010 and again at the end of 2012.

Executive summary


As organizations move along the continuum of sophistication and improve their global operating models, we typically see their journey start with a focus on delivering confidence through better quality and control, by getting the basics right and making compliance simpler, more visible and more consistent around their worldwide operations.


As the journey progresses, tax directors develop a more ambitious vision of change and ultimately, transformation. In time, this shifts the emphasis from the tasks of completing and filing tax returns and statutory reports towards far greater integration with other global business operations and the development. 

Global tax compliance and reporting market research 2012

This report looks at our research studies past and present – as well as key insights gleaned from our direct marketplace experience – highlighting the most important findings, reflecting on developments and extrapolating our thinking on future direction.

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Commercial objectives

Service centers

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