IRB’s audit on directors: Do they know more than you?

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Does the Inland Revenue Board (IRB) really have information that the director himself is not aware? How do they know? Where do they get their intelligence?

If a director has been filing his tax return accurately and in a timely manner, will he still be subject to audits?

These are some of the areas we addressed at our webcast.

  • The source of intelligence gathering by the IRB
  • Are high net worth individuals also targets for IRB audits?
  • What triggers an IRB audit? 
  • Case studies on top 5 focus areas

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Deloitte Speakers

Ang Weina (Moderator)

Tax Executive Director
National Global Employer Services Leader

Chow Kuo Seng

Executive Director
Audit & Investigation Leader

Chia Swee How

Executive Director
Business tax

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