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Deloitte Malaysia Tax practitioners have extensive experience in a wide array of industries and understand the tax implications of specific sector trends, including the exposure you may face and the opportunities available to reduce your tax burden. Learn more about the many tax services we offer which can benefit your organization, both in the Malaysia and abroad.


Malaysia is the third largest automotive player in Southeast Asia and has attracted global automotive companies such as Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Mercedes-Benz and BMW to set up their operations in Malaysia. Since the introduction of the National Automotive Policy (NAP) on 22 March 2006 to facilitate the necessary transformation and integration of the local automotive industry to regional and global networks, our automotive industry has been gaining traction.

The NAP has been reviewed and revised in 2009 and 2014. Relevant and current measures were initiated (including introducing tax incentives in relation to energy efficient vehicle (EEV) to spur the development of the automotive sector. These developments have placed Malaysia as one of the ideal choices as a production centre for major automotive component manufacturers.

Trade liberalisation within ASEAN has certainly taken Malaysia far. In line with Malaysia’s commitment under the ASEAN Free Trade Area, it is timely for the automotive players to reassess their corporate strategy and explore ways to achieve greater tax efficiency throughout the supply chain. This would include tapping into the incentives that specifically cater for the automotive sector, for example, fiscal incentives, duty exemptions, customised training and research and development (R&D) grants, to name a few.

Financial Services

Due to the constant change of regulations and legislations in the financial services industry, companies and tax executives are facing a daunting task to manage their tax costs and obligations effectively. With mounting globalisation, accelerated mergers and restructuring activities, complex lending and investment issues, and shifting industry regulations, the need for tax expert advice has never been more critical.

Our FSI tax specialists can assist you in meeting the increasingly complex taxation challenges in today’s highly regulated environment whilst optimising the tax benefits with a range of tax compliance, tax advisory and planning services. With a remarkable client portfolio which includes commercial banks, investment banks, insurance companies, asset management companies, leasing companies and unit trust funds, you can be assured that we possess the recognised tax expertise and thorough knowledge of the local business environment to tailor solutions catered to your needs.

Oil, Gas & Chemicals

Few industries impact as many aspects of life as the energy industry. Yet despite the necessity of energy, the oil and gas industry faces many unique challenges and opportunities. In our work with leading oil and gas companies across the upstream, midstream, downstream, and oilfield services sectors, our clients consistently cite a number of common trends impacting their businesses from a tax perspective.

Our Oil & Gas practice professionals serve clients in the upstream, downstream, midstream, and oilfield service sectors — ranging from large global enterprises to new start-up firms — providing services that help each client achieve their specific objectives and add value across each organisation. The Deloitte Malaysia Oil & Gas practice provides services to the Oil & Gas super majors, national oil companies, the independents and large global oilfield services companies on the Fortune 500.

Deloitte is one of the leading tax advisors in Malaysia and internationally. Our tax professionals include field-experienced industry practitioners devoted to specific oil and gas segments and a deep bench of technical specialists across tax disciplines and jurisdictions. We can address your need for specialised tax knowledge and supplement your tax organisation while understanding the details that are important to oil and gas companies. We can help you explore ways to reduce your tax exposure by helping you understand and manage critical tax issues.

Real Estate

We advise domestic and foreign real estate players at every stage of the project life cycle. Our clients include some of the most renowned property developers, landowners, REITs, investors, contractors and service providers. Deloitte’s thought leaders also share their experience and know-how with leading industry associations in the interest of streamlining tax treatment of complex issues across the industry. This is of paramount importance in an industry as vibrant and innovative as real estate.

The real estate industry is facing more and more complex challenges in the areas of sophisticated landowner-developer joint venture structure for real estate development, financing, management and the growing REIT oriented ownership structure which require specialised knowledge and unique concerns. We provide comprehensive solutions to address tax issues faced by our clients along the transaction lifecycle’s three stages: acquire, hold and exit, so we keep our clients’ real estate undertakings on track and maximise their returns.

Media & Entertainment

Companies in the telecommunications industry face daunting tax compliance challenges in conjunction with the explosive growth of information technology, e-business and Internet-related activities. We can help you assess what services are subject to which taxes and help explore ways to potentially reduce your burden – whether it’s a matter of streamlining compliance processes, implementing the right software to ease the burden, restructuring business operations or assessing favorable tax opportunities.

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