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The Deloitte Tax Analytics storybook

Robotics, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence—it's fast becoming a typical day's work for Deloitte Tax Analytics professionals. These creative thinkers are working with the latest technologies and colleagues around the globe to change the delivery of tax services worldwide. Read their stories and learn what it's like to be working on some of the next big things.

Life at Deloitte Tax Analytics: Adrienne Jamail's story

Paving the path to the future
Mechanical engineering was Adrienne Jamail's college major. Product development for a global automobile manufacturer is where she started her career. Then, 12 years ago, on the recommendation of a friend, she joined Deloitte Tax in Detroit. Her career journey has taken her from working on automotive industry R&D tax credits to the new Tax Analytics Insights project. Problem-solving is her strength, and she'll tell you she wakes up every morning excited about her work. 


Life at Deloitte Tax Analytics: Izmir Shah's story

Be yourself
That's the rule Izmir Shah lives by. In 2012, Izzy joined Deloitte Digital in Australia and transferred to Deloitte Germany as a consultant on the Global Employer Services (GES) team in 2016. Developing technology, analytics, and innovation solutions and strategies is his sweet spot. He credits leaders who listened to him with landing him his dream job in Berlin. He's proud to be at Deloitte, so much so, that he runs a marathon every year wearing a Deloitte T-shirt. 

Izmir Shah

Life at Deloitte Tax Analytics: Sara Javadzadeh's story

Traveling the globe
A cross-cultural journey is how Sara Javadzadeh describes her career. She has studied in the US, interned at Deloitte Netherlands and is now a manager on Deloitte Belgium’s Global Mobility Compensation team. Training, team projects, conferences, and client meetings have Sara traveling across Deloitte's global network. That has given her a firsthand look at how Deloitte makes a positive impact on the people and places where it does business and reinforces her commitment to do the right thing. 

Sara Javadzadeh

Life at Deloitte Tax Analytics: Aleksander Kyoshi Ogatha's story

Playing to his strengths
Aleksander Kyoshi Ogatha joined Deloitte Brazil with degrees in accounting and law. When he joined the Tax Analytics practice, Aleksander continued working and earned a third degree in technology. He wanted to give his all, and the leaders he worked with gave him the flexibility and support to do his best work. That push for improvement, great people, and working to shape the future of tax are some of the reasons why Aleksander is happy to be at Deloitte. 


Life at Deloitte Tax Analytics: Wilke van Zelst's story

Inspired leadership
Where can studying systems engineering and tax law take you? For Wilke van Zelst, it took her from Deloitte Netherlands’ Working Student Program to senior consultant in the Tax Data Analytics practice. She credits leaders who invest their time to help her grow and great colleagues with inspiring her to succeed. Every day, she's excited by working with analytics tools to help clients improve their data and gain control over their tax positions—and motivated to go for quality. 

Life at Deloitte: The future of tax

Big data is big news, and Deloitte has been named a global leader in Business Analytics by Gartner, one of the world's leading information technology research and advisory companies. Using algorithms, software, visualization solutions, and storytelling, Tax Data Analytics marries data to business intelligence and helps organizations better understand, guide, and manage their business. Deloitte professionals working in analytics are pushing boundaries and helping change the way organizations think and work. Are you ready to shape the future? 

Life at Deloitte: The opportunity to make an impact

Disruptive technologies—Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Computing, Blockchain, The Internet of Things, and others — are changing tax, and it's an exciting time to build a career with Deloitte Tax Analytics. Problem-solvers, storytellers, and visual thinkers who know their way around technology and decision-making processes are transforming the tax profession. Learn more about how they are building the business tools of tomorrow and pioneering new ways to work. Are you ready to make this kind of impact?

Life at Deloitte: A global community of leaders

Collaborative best describes the Tax Analytics culture at Deloitte. Professionals with different skills—tax, data analysis, visualization, storytelling, technology, and project management— team to work directly with clients. Everyone has a voice, and space to develop ideas and initiatives. Deloitte's entrepreneurial culture creates opportunities for professionals to follow their ambitions and shape rewarding careers. Are you ready to challenge business-as-usual, grow, and lead? 

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