Past events


Past event

2017 Employer’s Income Tax Reporting Seminar

18 January 2018 & 8 February 2018

The 2017 Employer’s Income Tax Reporting Seminar was presented by Deloitte’s Global Employer Services (GES) team recently, where tax experts shared their views on Budget 2018 tax updates and the recent developments that impact employers and employees, benefits in kind and expatriates’ tax matters as well as the latest immigration updates. Participants were also given a detailed walk-through of the Form E, CP8D and Form EA reporting requirements, practical reporting issues, common mistakes and misconceptions in preparing the employer’s tax declaration.

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2018 Capital Allowances Study Workshop

23 January 2018

Under the current economic climate and tax environment in Malaysia, capital allowances remains one of the key aspects to ensure efficient claim of allowances against capital expenditure incurred on property purchases and new construction. Identifying capital expenditure eligible for capital allowances claim and categorising the assets to the specified rates is vital to ensure your business’ tax liability is correctly calculated and declared.

In view of this, Deloitte held a complimentary half-day workshop designed specifically to provide participants with an understanding of capital allowances and why it is important to conduct a capital allowances study, the types of buildings and what is considered to be qualifying plant and machinery, relevant Public Rulings and capital allowances cases as well as how to achieve the best practices with the Tax Authority.

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Human Resources (HR) Role Transformation Talk

29 January 2018

In an ever-evolving landscape which includes constant regulatory changes and continued advances in technology, the Human Resource function finds itself having to shed its traditional role with a view to contribute to enhancing company profitability. Routine tasks such as payroll processing, while important, utilise resources that can better contribute to the more strategic functions in the department. Held for the first time, this talk offered insights on the preparation required to get ready for the transformation of the HR role.

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(Re-run) Private Wealth Planning Talk for business families and high net worth individuals

7 February 2018

As massive intergenerational wealth transfer has begun to occur in Asia over the last decade, the trend which is expected to continue over the next decade, when unplanned, may lead to family feuds that can ultimately result in the fragmentation of control in the business. In light of this, Deloitte’s Private Wealth Services hosted a re-run of our complimentary talk where our experts shared the various issues surrounding wealth succession and the strategies that can help to protect and preserve wealth for high net worth individuals and business families.

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