CbC Filings Essentials +PLUS

File Country-by-Country reports with confidence

Tax authorities require that Country-by-Country data be converted into XML, based on local specifications. This may include message and document referencing for audit purposes, header messaging containing metadata relating to the reporting entity, data conversion into specific codes, and submission encryption. These complexities mean software is required.

What is CbC Filings Essentials +PLUS?

CbC Filings Essentials +PLUS is Deloitte's proprietary web-based technology that helps companies to collect, evaluate and generate data for Country-by-Country report filings, as required in relevant jurisdictions. Available via myInsight, the tool allows you to enter or upload selective financial information and generate online reports to see your data in the prescribed OECD formats, and generate the required filings for final submission.


  • A simple and secure way to input data through a web portal
  • Controls and functionality for XML review and sign-off
  • Foreign exchange and group adjustments
  • The ability to upload data through Excel files
  • The creation of initial and subsequent XML Schema CbC returns for submission to the tax authority
  • The ability to assign users and restrict access to only specific constituent entities
  • High-quality analytical reports to allow users to identify areas of potential risk

Find out more

For more information on how this application works, please download the CbC Filings information sheet, or contact your usual Delotite partner.