Semiconductor Industry Trends and Services

Navigate semiconductor market disruption

The recent semiconductor shortage has cemented the industry as truly essential. In 2022, the chip market is expected to reach about US $600 billion, driven by increasing semiconductor demand from appliances to factories. Read the two reports below for insights into the semiconductor industry.

TMT 2023 Predictions

Tech companies are leading the way in their climate commitments for a more sustainable world. Virtual production could be the special effect for both today’s blockbuster movie and tomorrow’s metaverse. Read on to discover the up and coming in the world of technology, media, and telecommunications for 2023.

2023 semiconductor industry outlook

As the global semiconductor industry is facing both shortage and oversupply challenges at once, how can companies move forward? Our annual outlook takes a closer look at five major trends in the industry—and how an economic downturn could provide an opportunity for the industry to reset and refocus.

TMT 2022 Predictions

What’s next for technology, media, and telecommunications? From women in tech to floating solar panels, TMT Predictions gives you a glimpse of what 2022 could have in store.

2022 semiconductor industry outlook

Although it took recent chip shortages to cement their “critical” status, semiconductors have now established their place as a truly essential industry. So what’s next? Our 2022 semiconductor outlook takes a closer look at four key trends expected to shape the industry in the year ahead.

Five fixes for the semiconductor chip shortage

We likely can’t avoid chip shortages, but these supply chain strategies can make them shorter and less severe, for chip makers, chip buyers and governments. Download the report to read more.

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