Rahul Kar

Director | Deals & Strategy, Leader | Climate Change & Sustainability for Financial Advisory in Southeast Asia

Rahul Kar

6 Shenton Way, OUE Downtown 2


Singapore 068809


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Rahul has over 26 years of experience in origination, management and delivery of engagements across Asia and Middle-East and in some parts of Africa and Europe.

He specializes in environmental and sustainable finance and have advised clients on environmental, sustainability and climate change related financing opportunities and strategy, and transaction of environmental commodities. Those roles included advice on identificaction, quantification and implementation of financial opportunities and liabilities in transactions and projects. His engagements included multiple sectors for public and private clients such as, energy and resources, infrastructure and public utilities, mining and metals, chemicals, forestry and waste management.

He is the Chairman on the Technical Committee on Sustainable Finance and Deputy-Chairman on Environmental Management with Enterprise Singapore, and member in the Working Group on Sustainable Finance and an ex-Committee member on Climate Change Risks with International Standards Organisation (ISO).