M&A Strategy

Driving profitable growth

Like the art of tightrope walking, merger and acquisition strategy demands skill and sequencing—with only one chance to get it right.

Driving growth and improving competitive positioning requires prioritising strategic objectives by making clear choices, and defining key results that measure what matters.

Make or break

Deloitte’s Nordic M&A Strategy team works with senior executives to define how they employ M&A, in alignment with corporate strategy, to drive profitable growth and enable them to compete effectively.

Knowing where you want to compete and how you plan to win is essential to defining an effective path and identifying strategic acquisition targets.

Where relevant, we work closely with our financial, tax, technology and human capital colleagues to provide insights that inform your M&A strategy.

M&A Strategy Services

  • Corporate strategy
    To give the M&A strategy clear guidance, we can help you refine your corporate strategy by identifying current and future growth opportunities, evaluating competitive market position, and seeking portfolio-improvement opportunities.
  • Inorganic growth paths
    We can help you define areas that require inorganic growth to leverage market opportunities by analysing competitor actions and customer demands. We can then help identify opportunities for horizontal and vertical integration or diversification that can improve competitive advantage.
  • Target profiles
    We can help articulate characteristics of a model target by identifying capabilities within the organization that need enhancing, as well as those the company cannot afford to undermine through an acquisition.
  • Investment thesis
    Finally we can help challenge the investment thesis by playing "devil's advocate" and testing deal drivers, assumptions, and "what if" scenarios.

Bottom-line benefits

  • Develop executable growth strategies that create tangible value.
  • Clarify and address tough choices required to execute the strategy.
  • Conduct relevant analysis to identify legitimate acquisition opportunities.
  • Assess targets to gain insights needed to inform key decisions, improve valuation, and minimize uncertainty.
  • Obtain buy-in from key stakeholders pre-deal and articulate the most critical dilligence questions.

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Sheil Malde

Sheil Malde


Sheil leads our M&A Strategy team in the Nordics, specialising in business due diligence and strategy consulting. He has 19 years of experience serving corporate and private equity clients execute dea... More

Trygve Rolseth

Trygve Rolseth

Trygve is a strategy consultant with 9 years’ experience, focusing on commercial due diligence, strategy development, post-merger integration and financial due diligence. He works primarily with priva... More

Jan Henry S. Fosse

Jan Henry S. Fosse


Jan Henry leads Deloitte's M&A Strategy team in Norway bringing experience from both consulting and industry. He has advised clients throughout Europe on a broad range of strategy-, commercial support... More