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Webinar: Onboarding as a competitive edge

Watch the webinar now!

Together with ServiceNow, we are happy to invite you to watch this onboarding webinar.

Join us to get the latest insights on the topic, and a demo from ServiceNow presenting how onboarding can be done in a seamless, innovative way - with a great employee experience.

We are also thrilled to have Coop with us on stage, to share their way-of-working with onboarding and their plans ahead.


  • Introduction: Onboarding the onboarding - Atle Tidemann from Deloitte
  • ID card/ New phone and PC/ Flowers – Check Check Check! “Do's and dont's" on onboarding - Andreas Brattlund Klein from Deloitte
  • Seamless, smooth and simple - a demo by Even Kjørsvik from ServiceNow
  • Where we are and where to go - Case presentation by Margrete Posti Røed Martin from Coop
  • Q&A

If you have any problems with the video player, you can watch the webinar here.

Onboarding as a competitive edge

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