Brexit - Impact on VAT and customs

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The Brexit transition period ends on 31st of December 2020, and this will affect all trade to and from UK. We have highlighted some key points your company must bring attention to now.

Published 08.12.2020

Brexit will impact all trade to and from the UK. Is your business prepared for the VAT- and customs implications?

Key points your company must bring attention to now
  • Companies trading goods between the EU and UK that have not started preparing for Brexit from a customs/VAT perspective should immediately do so. Even if a trade deal between the EU and the UK should be reached, trade operations will be severely impacted by Brexit.
  • Companies trading between Norway and the UK are less likely to be very adversely affected by Brexit, but should still be vigilant. Norway and the UK have agreed to a temporary trade deal securing tariff conditions similar to today also after January 1st.


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