Global Mobility Survey 2020

Deloitte Advokatfirma

In December 2020 we launched a Global Mobility survey cross the Nordics (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden) to identify future trends in the Global Mobility space.

The global pandemic that we are all but too familiar with has impacted all aspects of life as we know it. With regards to Global Mobility, it has most notably affected ways of working, and many lessons have been learned during the pandemic on the possibilities that technology offers to work from different locations. It has accelerated a change that was most definitely predicted and has forced organizations to change and adapt.

This report includes the answers to the survey we launched in November, with our Deloitte Point of View and commentary.

Key Take-aways     
  • Remote work is here to stay. Organizations expect to have people working remotely after the pandemic as they strive to provide more flexibility and attract more talent.
  • Attracting talent, providing flexibility are key drivers for change.
  • The strategic vision of global mobility has not changed because of the pandemic, but it has been accelerated and we can expect organizations to adjust their focus and processes and how they achieve they achieve their strategic goals.
  • Processes and systems which enable identification of employee whereabouts will be key in order to manage compliance around remote workers.
  • Most organizations have not started looking into PWD requirements. The Directive will affect all companies with business travelers and assignees across Europe. The time to act is now.
  • Compliance is a key challenge and an area where organizations feel they need more support. Outsourcing can free up time and resources and save costs in the long run.
The report highlights answers from participants along with point of view and commentary from Deloitte Advokatfirma.
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