Employment Tax Analytics

Payroll Risk Analytics

The role of today’s HR, Tax, and Mobility functions are rapidly changing. The functions are challenged to do more with less, provide better insights fueling informed strategic decision making, and discussion among the company’s stakeholders about how to run their HR / Tax functions are renewed under internal and external pressures.

In recent years, the Norwegian tax authorities have increased their analytics capabilities by introducing mandatory digital reporting regimes (e.g. A-ordningen, SAF-T), enabling them to run specific analytic projects, identifying gaps in company payroll and other reporting. The Norwegian tax authorities utilizing analytics as a central part of their scrutiny process is making improved company data quality, compliance and analytics a hot topic, and increases the need for companies to move in the same direction.

Deloitte’s Payroll Risk Analytics approach will provide your company’s internal stakeholders with valuable information regarding:

  • Insights
    • Payroll risk profile
    • Cost control and cost-saving opportunities
    • Benchmark data towards industry, region, employee portfolio, etc.
  • Compliance
    • Health check your payroll reporting towards current law and regulations by running a number of automated data controls

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