Global Compensation Management

When multinational companies send employees on international assignments, the organization needs to ensure compliance in a number of jurisdictions and have visibility to the actual compensation being either paid or ‘shadowed’ to their assignee population globally. The management of expat payroll can be a significant challenge and area of risk. Often this requires substantial time input from Global Mobility, HR and payroll teams.

We offer a flexible and reliable service that will support your company’s objectives to streamline processes, bring standardization, simplification and transparency, ensure compliance, control and enhance reporting, all whist delivering a great assignee experience.

  • Transparent cost analysis and reporting
  • Accurate monthly payroll instructions to reduce withholding compliance issues
  • Global process deployed to combine home and host compensation
  • Wider transparency for assignees and management reporting

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Audun Sveen Frogner

Audun Sveen Frogner

Senior Manager

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Hans-Thyge Solheim Hansen

Hans-Thyge Solheim Hansen

Director / Advokat

Hans-Thyge er director og advokat i Deloitte Advokatfirma, med spesialisering innen internasjonal personskatt og global mobilitet. Han har lang erfaring med å yte bistand til virksomheter med aktivite... Mer