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We advise companies on the complex compensation structures that arise from international postings as well as challenges related to locally hired personnel.

This includes negotiating with relevant tax and/or social security authorities in order to optimize the local reporting and withholding processes. In addition, we provide insights for the relevant stakeholders about the costs of their mobility program with regard to tax and social security and/or total cost plus local/global compliance. 

Employment Tax and Payroll Hotline

The role of payroll is changing due to the globalization of the workforce, increased scrutiny from governments (e.g. using digital solutions), higher expectations from the worker (e.g. pay on demand), robotics and artificial intelligence, etc., which are all driving Payroll towards acting as strategic business advisors rather than focusing on operational delivery.

This trend adds an additional burden to payroll departments which may already experience tension from limited resources. Ensuring fully compliant payroll reporting limits the organization’s capacity dedicated to administrative tasks and clean-ups, and is providing a positive impact on employee satisfaction. Thus a proactive approach aiming at achieving a high level of compliance is key in a dynamic regulatory environment, with complex global and local compensation and working structures.

Deloitte’s dedicated Employment Tax and Payroll Hotline service can be a key factor in your organization’s effort to reach and maintain full payroll compliance internationally. The Payroll Hotline can be established as a streamlined Q&A service, providing efficient advisory related to the organization’s day to day compliance challenges. The Payroll Hotline service can be customized in accordance with your organization’s preference and can be an efficient tool for the relevant stakeholder within the company when facing new challenges.

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Audun Sveen Frogner

Audun Sveen Frogner

Senior Manager

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Hans-Thyge Solheim Hansen

Hans-Thyge Solheim Hansen

Director / Advokat

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Andreas Fugelsnes

Andreas Fugelsnes


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