Business Traveler Services

Global Business travelers can trigger compliance obligations in jurisdictions around the world.

These could span across various compliance aspects including income tax, social security, immigration, corporation tax, industry specific regulations and posted worker directive.

A variety of trends including globalization, the growth of new markets and the
talent shortage has meant that business travel has become a norm for many
organizations. As organizations accept and recognize the need to actively
facilitate the business travel for their employee population, some have found
that it is difficult to keep up with the regulatory requirements, while also
providing a world-class employee experience for the business travelers

Why your organisation needs a robust program

Deloitte has developed tools and services to help organizations mitigate risks and gain control over their business traveler population:

  1. Short Term Business Travel Tax Highlights: This is a search engine which allows organizations to input the relevant country combination to generate a report showing tax compliance obligations in both home and country for a given scenario, as well as additional information on the taxability of defined compensation elements, specific country tax rules, exclusions and credits. This tool allows organization to make an educated decision and raise the right questions.
  2. Business traveler analytics: This is a comprehensive tool used for tracking travelers and assessing associated tax risks. This tool will help organizations improve their end-to-end business traveler compliance, enabling stakeholders within the organization to make informed decisions regarding for example, finance, corporate tax, transfer pricing, mobility, health and security etc. The tool is divided between pre-travel and post-travel.
  3. Business traveler risk assessment: After an assessment of your business travel data, our team can provide your organization with a report that provides a static view of the risks posed by business travelers and it can be used to determine which actions should be taken to mitigate risks and non-compliance.

Key contacts

Stig A. Sperre

Stig A. Sperre

Partner| Skatterådgiver - Leder GES

Stig er partner og leder av Global Employer Services i Deloitte Advokatfirma. Han har opparbeidet seg betydelig erfaring fra aktiv rådgivning til norske og internasjonale selskaper. Han er spesialist ... Mer

Hans-Thyge Solheim Hansen

Hans-Thyge Solheim Hansen

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