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Latin America in Focus

Manteniéndose a la vanguardia de las operaciones transfronterizas

El surgimiento de Latinoamérica como un mercado mundial ha sido, y continúa siendo, acompañado por un aumento en la complejidad de las leyes, reglamentos y prácticas que afectan las operaciones transfronterizas en toda la región. “Latin America in Focus” comparte las últimas novedades de la región, con consecuencias en el entorno empresarial fiscal, legal y general—acontecimientos que las empresas y personas con inversiones en Latinoamérica no pueden ignorar.

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In this issue: Focus on technology

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Tax technology trends in Latin America

The tax authorities are investing heavily in technology and analytics. They are building their own teams and acquiring science technology engineering to create mass capabilities, and at the same time, working with technology vendors. Read full interview.

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Tax technology & Compliance

A recent survey conducted by Deloitte Brazil indicated that companies operating in Brazil need to have a clear understanding of the processes and operations relevant to their tax obligations, including the ongoing reporting of certain information.

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Effect of changes in technology on tax compliance

Tax authorities are using technology to gather and analyze more information, and taxpayers must be prepared for the consequences. 

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Costa Rica

Tax Connected: Automating compliance preparation

Deloitte Costa Rica has designed a software solution that helps address the challenges and complexities of preparing corporate tax forms.

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Companies dealing with the automation challenge

Many companies in Latin America are still trying to decide whether they need to automate. This dilemma arises from the fact that documenting customs trade-related activities historically has been a manual process. Read full interview.  See the highlight video below:

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Latin America technology impact on US multinationals

Many tax authorities in the region have been the first to adopt technology into the tax compliance and auditing process and changes are happening rapidly.

Outsourcing, shared services, and the future of your tax department 

With tax departments facing formidable changes on the regulatory front and within their own businesses, it’s difficult to imagine long-term success without making fundamental changes to their operating models. Outsourcing and global business services likely will play a pivotal role in implementing those changes.  

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Other topics of interest

New rules call for new actions: Tax authority mandates drive disruptive change

Governments around the world are harnessing innovative technologies that involve the digital collection and analysis of tax data. Governments are going digital at a rapid pace, and companies have no choice but to match this pace of change and comply or face stiff penalties.

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