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Deloitte Analytics

Energy and Resources

Deloitte Analytics understands the resources, the producers, the markets, and the distribution channels that are a part of the intricate energy web.

Energy companies face unique global challenges –increasing demand, regulatory change, international trade and political instability to name a few. But no energy means no business. Access to secure, reliable, efficient, and affordable energy underpins modern life and commerce. Blackouts, shortages, and cut-offs—which are often the result of poorly managed energy resources—clearly demonstrate the need for the effective, efficient management of the energy process, from beginning to end.

Deloitte Analytics knows energy inside out. The Energy and Resources Analytics teams draw upon deep industry knowledge and leverage the insights and experience of firm practitioners to develop and present core analytics solutions across the sector. Energy specialists also know how to apply sophisticated modeling techniques to help you better manage one of the world’s most valuable commodities—secure reliable energy.