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Managing the finance organization has never been easy and it is only made more difficult by increased governance, risk, and compliance requirements. To navigate these complexities, manage capital more effectively, and be a better business partner it’s essential to develop advanced forecasting capabilities and new finance management techniques.

Finance Analytics is leading the way in providing new insight into core activities such as revenue management, tax analysis and investor relations which enable an organization to grow revenue and improve margins. In addition, Finance Analytics has demonstrated the ability to bring cross functional information together to drive value for other business functions such as sales, marketing, procurement, and even IT.

Three minute guide to finance analytics

Moreover, Finance Analytics can bring to light new opportunities which can provide long term growth potential to an organization through “finance-owned” analytics activities such as model based forecasting, advanced fraud detection, and capital portfolio optimization.

Some organizations focus on basic finance, others know analytics. Across Deloitte member firms, the Finance Analytics practices combine these skills to help clients in their efforts to manage their financial resources, continuously safeguard their reputations, and to preserve—and increase—shareholder value.