Benefits of working at Deloitte

Life at Deloitte


There are numerous benefits working for a global firm such as Deloitte. At Navarro Amper & Co., we offer a competitive, comprehensive and cost-effective benefits package with a wide range of options to support your needs and goals.

Our benefits package includes health card, reimbursable meal and transportation allowance, Continuous Learning Assistance Program (CLAP), professional memberships (ISACA, IIA, and etc.), international opportunities (Global Mobility Assignments and International transfer), health and wellness initiatives, flexible working schedules, unlimited access to e-learning courses and webinars, technical and soft skills trainings, and partner with non-profit organizations for CSR projects.

At Deloitte, we place great emphasis on offering competitive benefits that enhance work-life integration for your continuous growth in both personal and professional aspects. In addition to annual leave, medical and insurance coverage that we offer, we understand that attracting the highest calibre talent means offering an exciting job and a healthy balance between work commitments and social and family life through our various initiatives.

We offer flexible work arrangements, arrange wellness programmes, as well as organize social and sports events every year, where all employees are invited to participate and find a sense of work-life integration.

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