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Meet the Financial Advisory Team

To find out more about our Financial Advisory Services, please reach out to our dedicated team in Southeast Asia (listed below in alphabetical order by last name). Please click on the name to access further information on each individual.

Ng Jiak See
Financial Advisory Leader, Asia Pacific

Keoy Soo Earn
Regional Managing Partner, SEA Financial Advisory


Corporate Finance

Koh Soon Bee
Partner, SEA Corporate Finance Leader

Jeff Pirie
Partner, Corporate Finance


Economic Advisory

Marcus Ng
Director, SEA Economics Advisory Leader


Marc Anley
Partner, SEA Forensic & Analytics Leader

Jarrod Baker
Partner, SEA Investigations Leader

Darren Cerasi
Partner, SEA Discovery Leader

Andre Menezes
Partner, SEA Forensic Digital & Analytics Leader


Infrastructure and Capital Projects

Edy Wirawan
Partner, SEA Infrastructure & Capital Projects Advisory Leader

Eileen Yan
Partner, Infrastructure & Capital Projects Advisory

Mergers & Acquisitions

Jessy Cheong
Partner, M&A Transaction Services

Chris de Lavigne
Partner, M&A Transaction Services

Seow Tien Long
Partner, M&A Transaction Services

Jamil Syed
Partner, M&A Transaction Services

Edy Wirawan
Partner, SEA Mergers & Acquisitions Leader

Haruhiko Yoshie
Partner, M&A Transaction Services


Turnaround & Restructuring

Richmond Ang
Partner, SEA Debt Advisory & Restructuring Leader

Matt Becker
Partner, SEA Turnaround Leader

Andrew Grimmett
Partner, SEA Restructuring Services Leader

Justin Lim
Partner, Restructuring Services

Tan Wei Cheong
Partner, Restructuring Services

Value Creation Services

Nishitani Kazuyoshi

Partner, Value Creation Services Leader

Muk Siew Peng
Partner, Value Creation, M&A Transaction Services


Valuation & Modeling Services 

Andrew Ooi 
Partner, SEA Valuation & Modeling Services Leader

Leonard Woo
Partner, Valuation & Modeling Services

Country leadership

Cambodia: Jessy Cheong 

Indonesia: Edy Wirawan

Malaysia: Ooi Siew Choo

Myanmar: Aye Cho

Philippines: Diane Yap

Singapore: Keoy Soo Earn 

Thailand: Thavee Thaveesangsakulthai

Vietnam: Phong Le

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