Non-performing loans?

Respond to thrive post-moratorium

Considering the current uncertainty regarding the magnitude and extension of the economic crisis arising from the pandemic of the new Coronavirus, it is paramount to debate and anticipate the financial and business context that is expected post-moratoriums, particularly the role of the banks in a context of economic recovery.

The pandemic derived from the new Coronavirus and the underlying curfew are in the genesis of an unprecedented “stop” of the world economy with significant impact on the solvency of both companies and families.

The measures implemented by several governments, including Portugal, are centered essentially in programs of immediate support to employment and credit moratoriums. However, there are economic agents that, whilst surviving in the short term, will not be able to recover and reestablish its economic and financial equilibrium.

It is therefore for Portuguese Banks to seek to adopt active strategies in credit recovery and deleverage in order to protect core capital and shareholder value.

It is in this context that Deloitte promotes a cycle of two webinars “Non-performing loans? Respond to thrive post-moratorium” with the purpose of discussing how to proceed today to prepare post-moratoriums.

Challenges for the real economy or challenges for banking?

October 23, 9 AM


  • Webinar foundations - the prospects of NPL ecosystem
    Joaquim Paulo, Deloitte Portugal
    Nuno Carvalho Martins, Caixa Geral de Depósitos
  • Challenges for the real economy – the “Day after”
    Tom Simmons, Deloitte UK
  • The Portuguese case – script for the banking sector
    Álvaro Nascimento, Professor at Universidade Católica Portuguesa
  • Q&A and closing
    Joaquim Paulo, Deloitte Portugal

Recovery tools and the investor narrative

October 30, 9 AM


  • Webinar reloaded - NPL ecosystem at a glance
    Joaquim Paulo, Deloitte Portugal
    Susana Bento, Deloitte Portugal
  • The outbreak of recovery instruments
    Andrew Grimstone, Deloitte UK
    Ricardo Reis, Deloitte Portugal
    Jorge Marrão, Deloitte Portugal
  • Voice to investors: a new narrative?
    Benjamin Collet, Deloitte UK
    André Nunes, Arrow Glogal Group – Portugal
    Martim Avillez Figueiredo, Core Capital

  • Q&A and closing
    Joaquim Paulo, Deloitte Portugal

This initiative is free.

Each session will include a Q&A period, however, you can send your doubts or questions to this email right now


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