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Global Centers

Deloitte announces the creation of two new technological and digital transformation centers in Portugal: the Global Technology Solutions Center and the Global Telecom Networks Center.

The Global Technology Solutions Center and the Global Telecom Networks Center will mostly be dedicated to providing services on a global scale, working in collaboration with other centers in Deloitte's global network, allowing permanent access to a global network of knowledge and the most advanced technology.

This will be one of Deloitte's most relevant technological hubs internationally and reinforces Portugal's position in Deloitte's global network.

Through this large-scale investment, Deloitte expands its national office network to new districts. In addition to Lisbon, Porto and Viseu, the teams allocated to these two new Centers will be based in the cities of Braga, Coimbra, Faro, Leiria and Setúbal.

Global Technology Solutions

The Global Technology Solutions Center will combine the excellence of the Portuguese professionals with Deloitte's know-how from other geographies, delivering consulting services in technological innovation and implementation and digital transformation of complex operations all over the world.

This Center will develop digital transformation solutions and implement complex technological solutions, using state-of-the-art technology.

Among the services portfolio, the following stand out:

Structuring of new system architectures and implementation of digital transformation programs.

Design and implementation of technological solutions to support our clients core operations.

Implementation of architectures and technological integration platforms.

Research and development of advanced technological solutions applied to business.

These diverse advanced technological solutions will allow to fully digitize business processes using data analytics, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, among other technologies.

The Global Technology Solutions Center is headquartered in Portugal and will integrate a team of highly specialized professionals, located in different cities across the country, in multi-locations linked together.

The team will work fully integrated with Deloitte's network of international knowledge and the network of partners and global strategic alliances in the technology area.

This Deloitte Center will thus be skill integrator, combining technology and people, to meet the main challenges of the market.

Global Telecom Networks

The Global Telecom Networks Center will focus on the design, implementation and operation of corporate networks that respond to the increasingly demanding companies’ business requirements, using the latest technologies such as 5G, WiFi 6, SD-WAN, among others.

This Center will even host the first laboratory for the prototyping of sector solutions based on 5G.

It will be based in Portugal and responsible for:

  • Analyzing and implementing technological solutions, based on new generation telecommunications networks and systems.
  • Researching and developing vertical technological solutions, designed specifically for each sector of activity, and based on the latest telecommunications platforms.

Amongst the services portfolio, the following stand out:

Design of 5G and Open RAN private networks and solutions to support organizations' operations, developed in conjunction with strategic partners.

Integration of different 5G and Open RAN private network components to create or optimize solutions developed in the laboratory.

Implementation and monitoring of 5G and Open RAN private networks, including the integration of associated systems.

Beyond this, it will also include a cybersecurity center that will provide services for the implementation and operation of cybersecurity platforms to help organizations (including those operating on a global scale) to mitigate and control risks associated with their operations.

The Global Telecom Networks Center will combine the knowledge of the telecommunications industry with the capacity for technological innovation and the creation of business solutions.

Do you want to join the team?

Following the opening of the Global Technology Solutions Center and the Global Telecom Networks Center, Deloitte foresees 1,500 to 2,000 new jobs in Portugal, with plans to reach 6,000 professionals within a four-year timeframe, distributed across different offices across the country.

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Launch ceremony

The launch ceremony of this large-scale Deloitte project in Portugal was attended by the Portuguese Prime Minister, António Costa who, together with António Lagartixo, CEO and Managing Partner of Deloitte, publicly announced these Global Centers in Portugal.


António Lagartixo

António Lagartixo

CEO/ Managing Partner

+351 210 422 500

João Paula de Carvalho

João Paula de Carvalho

Global Tech Solutions
Center Leader

+351 210 422 500

Pedro Tavares

Pedro Tavares

Global Telecom Networks
Center Leader

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