Disruptive Events Advisory

From disruptive events to major opportunities

A disruptive event can change your organization as you know it, and often puts new demands on the finance function. Using our extensive experience in accounting, financial reporting, finance operations, controls, and regulatory, we can help you and your finance team navigate disruptive events to exceed stakeholder expectations.

As disruptive events can change the scale or breadth and nature of demands on finance functions, our deep accounting and finance experience combined with tried and tested approach allow our practitioners to provide tailored services to navigate a deal environment effectively.

The success of these events is dependent on finance’s ability to support the transaction. Deloitte’s Disruptive Events Assurance services recognize the importance of a strengthened finance function to meet challenges, accelerate performance, and emerge resilient following periods of change and disruption. A full spectrum of disruptive events services has been designed to serve companies in each major phase of the corporate life cycle.

Key Contacts

Paulo Antunes

Paulo Antunes

Partner, Audit & Assurance

Paulo is an Audit & Assurance Partner at Deloitte Portugal. His professional experience has been focused on providing audit and audit related services to banks, insurance companies and other entities ... More

Luís Costa

Luís Costa

Associate Partner, Audit & Assurance

Luis is an Audit & Assurance Associate Partner for the PSUR industry. His professional experience has developed on the audit and financial consultant services in Media & Infrastructures. Luis has a si... More