Global Powers of Retailing 2020

Who are the 250 largest retail companies in the world? What is the generated revenue? What is the impact of the economy on the retail sector?

Get to know in detail the newest Global Powers of Retailing.

The outlook for the global economy and the retail industry in 2020 is uncertain. Overall economic growth is likely to be subdued but positive, with lower growth in consumer spending and inflation in most countries remaining low. Further uncertainty surrounding the global economy has been added by the coronavirus outbreak in China early in the year.

Deloitte’s Global Powers of Retailing 2020 reviews the global economic scenario and its impact on the retailing industry. This ranking identifies the 250 largest retailers around the world based on publicly available data for FY2018.

This report provides a global economic outlook, looks at the 50 fastest-growing retailers and highlights new entrants to the Top 250.

Key findings:

  • The aggregate retail revenue for the Global Powers of Retailing Top 250 companies was US$4.74 trillion in FY2018. 
  • The Top 10 list continued to be dominated by American companies, Wal-Mart and Costco Wholesale. Amazon made it to the top 3 for the first time.
  • Europe has the highest number of the Top 250 retailers, with 88 companies and its share of Top 250 revenue was 34%.
  • Portuguese retailers rose at the ranking: Jerónimo Martins made it to the 50th position, its best position ever and a result of the 7.9% growth in total revenue. Sonae reached the 155th position and achieved a growth of 4.3% in revenues.
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