Deloitte at ServiceNow Knowledge 2019

Realize presented at ServiceNow’s biggest annual event  

Deloitte was one of the main sponsors of the ServiceNow Knowledge 2019, one of the biggest world events of this company, which was held in May at Las Vegas with more than 20,000 participants. Deloitte attended the event and presented Realize, an innovative product that simplifies the management of enterprise strategic transformation processes, increasing productivity, reducing risk and enabling value-driven delivery aligned with the organization’s business plan. 

In an increasingly digital, interactive and complex world, Realize is an important tool to improve efficiency in any business model transformation, allowing the user, through a single platform, to plan, manage and monitor, in a consistent and integrated manner, all enterprise-wise transformation initiatives, as well as optimize the communication between different teams and track the pursuit of goals.

It is a subscription-based product that can be adapted to each business, updated as new processes and phases arise, whose model is based on five core capabilities:

·         Business Outcomes

·         Portfolio & Financial

·         Resources & Partnerships

·         Product Delivery

·         People Enablement

Realize is a product covered by the alliance between Deloitte and ServiceNow, which was signed at the Knowledge 2019. This agreement contemplates the joint development of new innovative products, services and solutions, leveraging on Deloitte’s unique business/ industry knowledge with ServiceNow’s platform to increase productivity and enhance enterprise transformation processes.

Thus, with products such as Realize, Deloitte strengthens and amplifies its collaboration with ServiceNow, after having won, in Las Vegas, six “ServiceNow Partner of the Year” awards, including “Global Transformation Partner of the Year”.

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