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Deloitte Client Spotlight

Celebrating client successes

Client Spotlight features Deloitte clients’ successes in an impactful and engaging storytelling format. The program allows clients to tell the story they want to tell—in their own words—and focus on how they’ve been able to improve the service they provide to their clients.


Nowhere is the need to deliver a compelling customer experience more critical than in digital business. To meet revenue goals, companies must be able to quickly and continuously engage customers, present them with relevant offers, and provide an easy purchasing process. After evaluating the results of traditional and digital-based sales activities in 2010, Adobe realized that driving revenue growth would require changing the way it conducted business online.

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Marathon Oil

Growth just for the sake of it means little to oil industry shareholders. Instead, they want to invest in companies whose growth initiatives are strategic and measurable from an economic perspective. Marathon Oil’s bold move to split the company in two created an opportunity to integrate their data and meet the data demands of its exploration and production business.

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Novant Health

A new technology enabler held the key to an improved patient experience. Fixed on that goal, Novant Health refused to let a complex operating landscape and expansive geography interfere. Instead, the organization embarked on its “Dimensions” initiative to create enterprise-wide access to patient records.

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Social media has evolved from purely an entertainment medium to an important channel for people to connect with the brands they follow. As consumers are increasingly using social channels to tweet and post about products, Yamaha needed to find new ways to engage with its customers.

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