A successful vision for detecting threats to your most critical assets

SAP landscapes are quickly evolving towards more complex and larger environments supporting critical business processes in many organizations. SAP is now seen as the core system, the digital heart of an organization, one of the most valuable digital assets and it is vital to protect against cyber threats.

Deloitte implemented SAP ETD enhancing visibility and monitoring over organization’s SAP landscape. Starting with normalizing all the logs coming from various sources into the solution’s security knowledge base, SAP ETD was able to detect internal threats from internal users and third-party users that were responsible for non-core activities in the organization.

This tool provided security teams valuable insights, enabling monitoring and detection of fraud attempts and information leaks in SAP, which are very complex to achieve in a SAP environment, especially in large landscapes.

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Deloitte's Risk Advisory - Cyber Risk teams work dailly with organizations from different sectors, whether in the definition and adjustment of policies, or in the the implementation of tools and controls that allow for Information Security risk mitigation.

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