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Cloud Cost Optimization

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Overcome Cloud management challenges with a cost predictability discipline and ensure a maximum ROI on Cloud usage.

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What happens when Cloud usage isn’t correctly monitored?

It’s a fact that Cloud migration results in significant benefits to the organization. From cost savings to efficiency and risk mitigation, and even the ability to continuously delivering innovative solutions.

Nevertheless, managing cloud services can be a challenge for organizations lacking Cloud Financial Management, and may start to lose control of service costs or get lost in the payment and consumption complexity.

Organizations are confronted with the difficulty of creating accurate cost estimates and often struggle to identify items that are responsible for overspending.

Manage and control your cloud spending with efficiency.

Maintaining and elevating the trust levels of Cloud adoption isn’t only about the agility but also about cost control, which is essential for business growth and to continue the cloud journey with confidence.

While traditional enterprise data centres are equipped with finite, pre-procured, capital expenditure-oriented capacity, cloud services operate on a pay-as-you-go cost model – from CAPEX to OPEX. This change can increase costs significantly if measures aren’t put in place to properly monitor cloud usage and control spend.

Move to cloud with all the safety gear, and don’t fall in the cloud cost abysm.

Deloitte’s Cloud Approach is based on working collaboratively with Clients to reduce cloud cost, while achieving efficiency by identifying areas for optimization and formulating a structured roadmap to accomplish goals.

Get your organization’s Cloud costs under control: develop and implement the right Cloud Financial Management.
Create real value and efficiency.

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Cloud Cost Optimization: unlimited efficiency and flexibility

Cloud Costs Optimization helps organizations maintain high levels of trust with Cloud services adoption, providing a discipline for cloud consumption management, built on an accurate reporting solution and a cost saving roadmap.
Our goal is to establish a cost control culture: to help organizations define a Cloud Financial Management and Operations plan to guarantee that cloud service costs are under control, while ensuring a maximum ROI and focusing on continuous service improvement.

What’s in it for your business?

Key Benefits


Cost predictability and savings

  • Higher accuracy and improved forecasts and budgets
  • Bill clarification, total cloud costs allocation
  • No overspending
  • OPEX correct management

Cloud Migration ROI Maximization

  • Cloud cost optimization culture
  • Sunk upfront costs optimization (hiring, training, security, integration)
  • Continuously monitor cloud spend and maintain the savings

Agnostic methodology

  • Tested methodology, adjusted to client’s maturity level
  • Ability to use multi-cloud cost management tools
  • Cost control culture living

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