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Increase agility, reduce costs and turn today’s challenges into tomorrow’s market-leading innovations, through cloud migration.

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Move your Legacy System to the Cloud and enhance your business agility.

Most companies have their core systems deep-rooted in heavy infrastructure, with high maintenance costs and very limited flexibility and scalability. Deloitte’s proposal is a leap to the Cloud as a mindset change, to boost your company’s growth by creating new IT capabilities – starting from the core.

Cost reduction, business agility and application modernization are top amongst the drivers for a cloud migration. After all, cloud technology isn’t really “about the cloud”: it’s about turning today’s challenges into tomorrow’s market-leading innovations.

What’s cloud migration all about?

Over the last years, the cloud has prevailed as an enticing infrastructure alternative in the midst of the digital transformation, providing a faster option to deliver new products and services, while increasing business agility.

Organizations are planning to migrate their legacy systems to the Cloud, in order to minimize investment on their own infrastructure and to gain access to new solutions and services that rapidly adapt to fast-paced requirement changes. However, it remains a challenge to move core systems to the cloud due to the risk of disruption and financial impact.

Deloitte leverages cloud migration projects to introduce new IT processes that focus on quick feature deployments, security-focused architectures, dynamic resource provisions to increase scalability and, at the same time, optimize the overall solution costs.


The future is cloud-driven. Migrating the core system to the cloud creates a forward movement to modernize your architecture, enhance business agility, optimize IT running costs and adopt new technologies that support future growth and innovation.

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Jump2Cloud: the unlimited business agility

Jump2Cloud helps you migrate your core system to the cloud, using a tested and proven approach. It re-thinks the delivery and operations of IT processes, boosting your business agility. This shift takes less than a year, without disrupting your daily operations.

What’s in it for your business?

Key Benefits


Architecture modernization

  • Increase flexibility in infrastructure maintenance and evolution
  • Improve and tailor continuous integration/ deployment (CI/CD) pipeline
  • Improve scalability by providing a flexible on-demand storage
  • Opportunity to integrate and expand to other cloud services

Fast & seamless migration process

  • Remove constraints from current infrastructure and legacy processes
  • Change to the new paradigm in a short period of time
  • Processes executed without disruption of daily operations

Increase operational efficiency

  • Leverage cloud managed services to reduce operational overhead
  • Reduce time to market of new features and products
  • Optimize infrastructure management
  • Increase security with cloud native functionalities

Costs optimization

  • Minimize the investment in infrastructure
  • Manage costs more efficiently

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