Customer insights

Deloitte’s customer insights unit assists clients in making knowledgeable decisions based on better market and customer data.

Understand and influence the customer journey

Deloitte provides integrated market research and analysis services through qualitative and quantitative studies. Our local field team will go into the districts (bairros) and centralidades to collect first-hand data from consumers using best practice methods and opinion research techniques. We combine direct research with custom advisory to better support our clients through each stage of the customer management cycle.

Enter the market

Successful entry into Angola requires na accurate sizing of the market opportunity and a clear definition of the company's positioning. Insight into local consumers is therefore a critical stepping stone: who are they, where do they live, what are their habits and attitudes? Appropriate market segmentation is also needed to know the local market and understand each Customer segment’s perception of product, price and competitors.

Commercial feasibility

• Usage and attitude

• Product and service design

• Demand characterization

• Target market


• Sociodemographic

• Psycho-social

• Behavioural

Manage Customer-facing operations

At this stage local competitors should work towards adjusting a global product offering to the local needs and wants, putting price perception in line with the purchasing power of the target markets and ensuring Customer management policies are adequate to the customer’s expectations. A local route-to-market must also be configured to ensure it addresses Customer and channel expectations while minimizing disruption and ensuring an effective brand communication.

Product / service design

• Hall test

• Voice of Customer

Distribution channels

• Store location

• Retail mix assessment

• Commercial teams assessment

• Omni-channel

• Route-to-market Strategy


• Ad-testing

• Tracking

Customer service

• Mystery shopping

Optimize local presence

Strategic choices should be periodically revisited to ensure continuous adherence to market developments. Companies are then more effective at establishing consistente pricing policies, improving channel coverage, developing effective sales policies and overall exploring the new opportunities and segments presented by the market. With greater local presence also comes a greater responsibility to meet expectations and deliver consistent service across all customer touchpoints.


• Price benchmark

• Elasticity

• Price bundling

• Price optimization

Customer experience

• Customer journey & mapping

• Loyalty programs

• Cross, up & deep selling

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