Deloitte launches campaign "Tax with Love"


Deloitte launches campaign

"Tax with Love"

To mark 35 years in the area of ​​Tax Consultancy and celebrate the challenges we have conquered in this area of the market, Deloitte has just released "Tax with love," a multimedia campaign, led by its tax advisors, which mirrors the DNA and the culture of this team of professionals.

Inspired by the way their people are, putting all their effort into each project, "Tax with Love" demonstrates that the key to efficiency is the passion to do what we are dedicated in, whether personally or professionally, thus giving a rise to one of the main messages of the campaign "when we do what we love, we do it better."

After an internal casting was released under the motto "What do you dedicate yourself with the most love?", Four professionals were selected to star in the campaign, sharing the love that they have for their various hobbies (running, walking, horse riding, sailing), conveying the spirit of Deloitte professionals: face your employment with the same love that they have for their favourite hobbies.

"For us to have come up with a unique perspective on how to describe the area of Tax Consulting at Deloitte, one thing was found to have common grounding: our people. Thus, the images used in the communication campaign are about tax advice professionals to practice their favourite hobbies and to engage in it with love "according to Rita de Romão, the marketing department of Deloitte.

The campaign, developed by Ogilvy, will run on internal and external channels through direct marketing, events, online advertising and social media.

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