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The power of telecom systems on industries

The world industry became increasingly dependent on telecom systems and players are now looking for an edge over their competitors through several industries.

Technology, Media & Telecommunications

Designing, planning and deploying a next-generation telecom network is an engineering project that requires a high level of expertise. Also, a major challenge is to keep the operation running at controlled costs with a high level of availability. The media business has a high volume of information requiring huge amounts of bandwidth. Telecom networks that support the media business have a service level agreement no less than 99,999%.

Life Science & Healthcare

Pharmaceuticals and health services are dependent on high-speed networks when it comes to providing high tech services demanding a huge amount of data to be transferred across the world.

Energy, Resources & Industrials

Smart grids and metering programs are highly dependent on mesh telecom networks, supporting millions of households. Furthermore, SCADA systems must be protected against external attacks that can impact network resilience, or even create blackouts.


There is an increased importance of transportation, water and sewage infrastructures monitoring for added efficiency and cost reduction. Worldwide, infrastructure operators tend to create their own telecommunication networks, independently from the traditional telco operators.

Financial Services

There is a need to provide insight and research to help improve the business performance of financial entities such as banks, private equity firms, hedge funds, mutual funds, insurance providers and real estate organizations operating globally and prepare disaster recovery plans to protect this core industry.

Government & Public Services

It is fundamental to work with regulators to prepare for industries new challenges and support on public sectors on their communications infrastructures.

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