Jorge Marrão

Real Estate Sector Leader Head of Clients & Markets, Head of Innovation and Head of Marketing, Communications and Business Development


Jorge Marrão

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Jorge is the leader of the Real Estate sector at Deloitte Portugal. In addition to the traditional Real Estate segments, he also has the responsibility of Mergers & Acquisitions in the Hotel sector.

He is also the Head of Marketing, Communications and Business Development. Additionally, represents Deloitte Portugal in the Deloitte global network dedicated to the area of Clients & Industries.

He is President of the Association Missão Crescimento, promoted by a number of institutions, namely the Council of Economists, Council of Engineers, Business Directors Forum and Projeto Farol and President of the Association - Projeto Farol, an initiative launched by the Deloitte Think Tank focused on presenting a set of proposals on Portuguese economy for the next decade for Portugal.

He is part of the panel of experts of the World Travel Tourism Council (WTTC) on the trends of tourism and of an IFO panel, a center of European studies in the area of economics. He is also a member of the Board of the American Club of Lisbon. He joined Arthur Andersen in 1986 where he started his professional life and has worked in other organizations throughout his career.

He is a guest speaker in several public conferences hosted in associations, universities and other foruns covering topics related to his professional experience and is also a guest columnist of Jornal de Negócios and other publications.

Joined Arthur Andersen in 1986 where he started his professional life, having worked for other organizations.

Jorge Marrão