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Margarida Ramos Pereira

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Margarida is a Deloitte Portugal Tax Partner. Belonging to the Financial Advisory (M&A) division, Margarida is responsible for coordinating all tax due diligence projects, with the exception of those operating in the financial sector. Margarida has begun her career in the Audit area as an assistant and senior consultant. Regarding the tax area, her experience has been focused in the analysis of clients’ operations, bearing in mind an appropriate tax planning, in the structuring of economic groups, consultancy related to foreign investment and in the compliance of tax and parafiscal obligations. Margarida created the Deloitte Executive Education project.

Graduated in Law from the UCP and in Business Management from ISCTE, Margarida is a Certified Accountant and a member of the ROC Order.

Margarida also teaches Tax classes at the university and is often a guest speaker at postgraduate courses, master's degrees, seminars and conferences.

Margarida Ramos Pereira