Miguel Eiras Antunes

Public Sector and Life Sciences & Health Care Sector Leader


Miguel Eiras Antunes

Deloitte Hub

Av. Eng. Duarte Pacheco, 7




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Miguel leads the Public Sector, Transportation and Infrastructures, Construction, Tourism, Sports, Services and Life Sciences & Health Care sectors in Portugal and Angola, with a team of around 300 professionals.

Miguel also coordinates transversally the cross functional teams dedicated to the “Future of Mobility”, the “Future of Cities”, the “Tourism 4.0” and the “Future of Health”.

With more than 20 years of consulting experience in strategy, operations and technology, he has been the advisor over the years of many of the leading organizations in Portugal and Angola. Miguel as also been working frequently with some of the more relevant multinationals in a more global context.

Miguel Eiras Antunes