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Deloitte Digital

Deloitte Digital in the Middle East is a leading digital consultancy that helps clients unlock the potential of new innovative and disruptive technologies.

Our promise – New growth

We help our Clients create the best customer-oriented organizations in the world.

This isn’t your old growth, your regular growth, your more-of-the-same growth. This is fresh transformation across your organization, your people, your world. This is transformation with purpose.

And it is all driven by the human experience - for a better, more sustainable future for all of us.

Our unique insight – Elevating the human experience

Our reason to believe, our core insight into experience transformation, is evidenced by a growing, impressive and impactful body of evidence.

Our impressive and growing body of work on elevating the human experience has inspired the talent and creativity in all of us.

What we do – Connected ideas, technology and talent

We imagine, deliver and run the future by connecting ideas, technology and talent.

Each architecture, or way of looking at what we do, shows the combination of our market leading strategy, creativity, design and technology excellence. And everything we do is made more impactful by our incredible ecosystems and alliances.

Our strategic, creative, design and technology ecosystems uniquely and seamlessly adapt to any complexity, delivering greater impact with even greater precision.

Why Deloitte – Connect for impact

Only Deloitte can truly deliver on the promise in the way that we do.

Deloitte is about connections. Between humans. Between ecosystem players. To customers, patients, citizens and the workforce. To culture, society, the planet, purpose, and to the future.

Our scale, combined with our focus on the human experience allows us to make an impact that matters.

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Rushdi Duqah

Rushdi Duqah

Partner | Consulting | Deloitte Digital

Rushdi is a Partner in the Consulting practice for Deloitte in the Middle East with over 25 years of experience in business and technology transformation, spanning various industries in the ME. Rushdi... More