Deloitte Digital Center

Middle East’s first Deloitte Digital Center opens in Riyadh

Deloitte Digital Center is a state-of-the-art facility to create, design and build digital solutions with clients to accelerate the region’s economic development.

Deloitte in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) opens its state-of-the art Deloitte Digital Center (the “Digital Center”) in Riyadh. The Digital Center enables private and public sector clients to work side-by-side with Deloitte’s experts to unlock the potential of disruptive technologies and deliver cutting-edge products and services across the Middle East.

In line with the aspirations of KSA’s Vision 2030, the Digital Center will also provide employment opportunities for Saudi talent at the Digital Center while allowing private and public sector organizations supported by the Digital Center to train, develop and equip their own workforces with the skills required to thrive in the digital era.
The Digital Center in Riyadh is the latest addition to Deloitte global network of Digital Centers. Its opening marks the launch of Deloitte Digital in the Middle East, the world’s leading digital consultancy helping clients unlock the potential of new innovative and disruptive technologies.

From strategy and design through to implementation and management, clients can now benefit from the Deloitte Digital Center’s capabilities, collaborating with Deloitte’s experts to test and refine concepts, experiment with pioneering innovations and digital technologies, and create new services and operational models, before they are brought to market.