What are the Banking Resolution priorities for the new year?

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26 January 2022, 11:00-12:30 EET | 10:00-11:30 CET

In view of the critical intermediary role that banks play in our economies, financial difficulties in banks need to be resolved in an orderly, quick and efficient manner, avoiding undue disruption to the bank's activities and to the rest of the financial system. Throughout the last seven years of service since its inception, the European Resolution Authority, the SRB, continues to make progress in strengthening the resolution of banks, implementing resolution policies, progressing on the operationalization of the early introduction of the common backstop, and intensifying dialogue with banks and key resolution and supervisory authorities.

The multiple guidance that the SRB has developed over the past few years provides clarity and solid grounds for banks to achieve resolvability in the different dimensions laid down in the Expectation for Banks. The SRB has opted for a transparent and ongoing relation with banks, and clearly sets out what is expected from them in 2022 to reach the goal of resolvability by the end of 2023.SRB’s work in 2022 will pivot around the SRB’s commitment to make banks fully resolvable by the end of 2023.

This is part of a multi-annual effort set in the SRB Expectations for Banks and MREL policy. The 2021-2023 Multi-Annual Programme set the stage for this exercise with clear goals.

Led by Deloitte’s best subject matter experts, we will have an overview of the Banking Resolution Framework, including the revised Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive and the European Union’s banking resolution priorities for 2022 and upcoming years. Join our webinar to get practical advice on how to successfully navigate the new requirements.

What are the Banking Resolution priorities for the new year?




  • Introduction to the EU Resolution FrameworkResolution strategies and tools;
  • Resolution cases in Europe;
  • MREL and TLAC (BRRD2);
  • The future of Resolution


  • David Martin Lopez, Consulting, Strategy, Regulation Partner – Deloitte Spain;
  • Dimitrios Goranitis, Risk Advisory Partner - Deloitte Central Europe;
  • Andrada Tanase, Risk Advisory Director – Deloitte Romania;
  • Carlos Alvarez Prieto; Consulting, Strategy, Regulation Consultant – Deloitte Spain;
  • Andres Nicolas Alfaro; Consulting, Strategy, Regulation Senior Consultant – Deloitte Spain.


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