DirectorsAlert 2018


Directors’ Alert 2018

Linkages to success

How is your board involved with protecting and enhancing your organizations’ reputation?

Hear from several Deloitte business leaders and independent global directors as they examine strategies boards can pursue to protect and enhance their organizations’ reputation in today’s hyper-connected world. Find out in our 2018 edition of Directors’ Alert what are the most important topics that boards around the world will focus in the coming year.

Key strategies that boards can pursue to protect and enhance their organizations’ reputation:

  • The missing link in CEO succession planning: organizational culture. To be prepared for both sudden and planned CEO transitions, a board must understand the organization’s cultural needs. At most organizations, the succession process needs to fully consider the relationship between the CEO, other members of the C-suite, and culture, and must do so well before a new CEO is needed. 
  • Exercising oversight of digital innovation: how boards can keep pace. Organizations are both transforming themselves with digital innovation and being transformed by it. At many organizations, however, board oversight of digital innovation has not kept pace with technology. One major reason is the tendency of boards and senior executives to retain attitudes and methods from the pre-digital age. 
  • Strengthening the link between strategy and risk appetite: how the board can lead the way. Formally articulating the organization’s risk appetite and linking it to strategy will help management and the board acknowledge the risks, and the related opportunities, the organization faces in pursuing a strategy.
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