finance transformation


Finance Transformation

We provide clients with professional advice and assurance on their controls and accounting systems all year round. We understand our clients' operations, their industry and the issues they face, and this enables us to provide them with relevant advice.

The combination of our specialist skills, industry expertise and ongoing investment allows us to anticipate complex business problems for our clients and recommend preventative action.

Finance fix

Changes to the business, finance team, mergers and acquisitions place significant pressure on finance to adapt fast. Sometimes the finance function breaks under the strain, as demonstrated by:

  • Control failures
  • Monthly close happens late, if at all
  • Errors and many changes to the numbers
  • Business partnering curtailed
  • Receivables increase as chasing and monitoring reduces
  • Supply issues through late payment of key suppliers
  • High turnover of staff in the finance function

Our focus is on working with finance and the business to ensure service levels are rapidly restored and maintained whilst starting to establish the medium to long term model for finance.

Key features of our approach:

  • Implement quick wins with lasting value to the business
  • Focus on re-building stakeholder trust in finance
  • Deloitte finance transformation tools used as accelerators
  • Use experienced, hands on project managers, used to driving change in difficult environments

Internal Audit Outsourcing

Provide internal audit services. The client receives quality internal audit support without investing in building own internal audit department. Provide support to internal audit managers

Staff Loan

If a company faces temporary staff needs we provide support by temporary loaning our staff. Such needs may arise on operational level (analyst, controller) or executive level (CFO, deputy CFO). There is possibility to loan our professionals for specific tasks.

Internal Control Improvements

Provide support to improve the internal controls of organizations, when there is lack of appropriate level of internal controls which result in errors. We analyse the process, prepare matrix for key controls, test controls and prepare action plan.

Stock Take Instructions

Appropriate instructions are crucial for the effective proceeding of the stock take. We provide support in the preparation of the stock take instructions for the client (e.g., set up the stock count schedule, support for performing the stock count, stock count documentation).