EU countries measures on COVID-19 under magnifying glass


EU countries measures on COVID-19 under magnifying glass

2 June 2020

While European countries begin preparing and cautiously implementing measures to relax lockdown, the scale of the COVID-19 pandemic global economic impact proves difficult to be precisely quantified. Businesses around the world are facing a challenging reality, defined by shifting consumers’ preferences and expectations, as well as new public health concerns and approaches. Governments are putting in place various measures to boost the economy and mitigate the effects of the outbreak.

Deloitte puts under magnifying glass the measures adopted in the economic, social and employment areas, highlighting the most important fields of action of the European regions. Thus, ”Deloitte COVID-19 EU measures” booklet provides insightful and synthetized information about the major measures taken by the European countries in the context of COVID-19, showcasing their complexity on different layers. Let us have a look throughout Europe in order to understand better what countries are proposing one at a time.

The material is updated constantly as the situation progresses and new measures are implemented daily around the world. Therefore, please, consider the current version a thorough and accurate situation analysis at the publication date, mentioned below.

All countries information is updated until 27.05.2020

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