The decision to transition back to the workplace


The decision to transition back to the workplace

There are several sources that offer guidance for returning employees to the workplace. These include federal, state, and local sources and recommendations from health care professionals which may be relevant to your geography and industry.

The CLO is uniquely positioned to understand these varied and complex regulatory frameworks and to help inform the conversation relevant to risk related to potential outcomes. You can take the lead in helping your organization clearly articulate its risk profile and making related decisions. Consider:

Many individual state orders mandate that telecommuting should continue for roles that have demonstrated success doing so during the stay-at-home period. Thus, a determination of which functions must be performed at the workplace will be helpful. As CLO, you should encourage the enterprise to document job functions that have not successfully been performed from home during stay-at-home orders for use in determining which employees and jobs must return to the workplace. The reasons why particular roles must be performed in the office should likewise be documented.

It is likely that your workforce will fall into one of two categories, although several combinations of pieces of these two categories are also possible.

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